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COVID-19 New Office Policy and Updated Information

All of us at JK Group Tax & Accounting hope you have been staying safe, healthy, and sane during a difficult year.  We are looking forward to celebrating a Happy and Healthy Holiday season and a joyous New Year.

We have enjoyed meeting with you during your tax appointments, but for your safety and ours, we will ask that you upload, mail, or drop off your tax return documents this year. We take the health of our clients and staff seriously, so there will be NO in-person appointments for the 2021 tax season. 

Our firm is used to seeing numerous clients over the course of the day. It would be irresponsible of our firm to continue to do business as we have in the past in the current climate.  We ask all our clients to cooperate and follow the new procedures in order to keep all of us healthy and safe.

We have updated our Client Center to make it easier than ever to upload your documents.  We have sent email invitations to all clients to register your Client Center portal.  If you forgot to register or can’t find the registration email, please call our office so we can re-send the invitation. 

2021 Tax Season Process

Deliver your documents to us utilizing one of the three methods below -

1 – Client Center upload (Preferred Method).  I will be conducting webinars on this process during the month of December and January.  Video on this process can be found on my website under Resource>Video Library

You should have already received an invitation to register, but if you missed that email, please call our office and an invitation to register will be resent

2 - Mail - USPS or Private Delivery - We prefer FedEx/UPS, but if using the post office, please send priority mail, so the package can be tracked

3 - Drop off - Drop-offs will be accepted at our drop box located outside our office or our front desk.

Once your return is delivered to us, you can schedule a tax return review via zoom if you wish.  For those wanting to spend more time with our staff, we will gladly meet you for coffee or drinks after tax season!

We conducted a majority of returns last year using this process and it allowed us to provide a more in-depth conversation related to your tax return. Additionally, it allowed my clients to better understand their financial situation. 99% of my clients who have used zoom in the past have given positive feedback. 

I will be providing more detail in future emails as well as a webinar schedule

Jonathan Kanovsky, CPA